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Вынная комната 2-го этажа

Вынная комната 2-го этажа

PGMania. Multi-purpose astro-photo image processor. Full processing cycle with new technology. PGMania distributed under "Donation ware" license.
email: pgmania@yandex.ru
web: PGMania page
PGMania at Sourceforge

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Download statistics Download PG Mania PGMania v. 1.106 17/07/2018 PGMania. Multi-purpose astro-photo image processor. ..
/pterodactilus vulgaris/
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Brief description
The main program features in brief Preview images PGMania can be used as a image viewer and source images filter tool. It shows images or first frame of movie in preview, zoom or fit image, allows to navigate thru image list, filter it and delete images. Building sequences of images The program helps to rebuild sequence of image files and restore .. Дальше..
Калибровка без дарков по двум лайтам. Устранение горячих пикселей и увеличение SNR снимка

Калибровка без дарков по двум лайтам. Устранение горячих пикселей и увеличение SNR снимка

Технология, описанная в этой статье, реализована в программе PGMania Upd. Feb.2016

Calibrating astro images using two "lights" without any "darks" or "bias" files. Complete .. Дальше..

At the beginning the main purpose of PGMania was to construct the movie from sequence of numbered images. It helps to recover continigous numbers in images sequence after image files were deleted, renamed or moved. It works well with thousands of frames.

PGMania helps to filter source images and build movie from image sequence based on selected file type and name ..
PGMania help
Download and unpack archive, create shortcut for PGmania.exe and place it to desktop. PGMania requires .Net 4.5 to be installed. FFMpeg, DCRAW, OpenCvSharp and EmguCv libraries included in archive. Don't move them from it location. PGMania builds in AnyCPU mode for use on x86 32 and 64-bit processors Дальше..
Translate docs
The author knows only the basic English and that is why he looks for volunteers and helpers - the native speakers to translate the documentation of the program in other languages, such as English, German, French, Chinese, and others. As a PGMania program is not commercial and is free for distribute, this work is not paid by author. We would appreciate for your assistance in the .. Дальше..
Registration & activation PGMania
As you can see a PGMania distributes under the "Donationware" licence. This software is free only for limited use. If you use this software occasionally, for personal purposes you are free to donate for PGMania or to not donate. If you use this software for personal purposes and publish your works, you should buy a full single user licence for use program without restrictions and limits .. Дальше..
Processing with 8/16/32 bit depth images Supports any of known image file formats Supports most of known DSLR image types. Multithreaded Converts image file formats Batch image converting Creates movies from image series Concatenates videos Reconstructs numeration in image sequences Makes 16bpp gray/color AVI(etc.) Align & composite image pairs / manual Align & calibrate .. Дальше..
Donation license
This software can be used under the Donationware License (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donationware)
Software identified as "Donationware" are similar to Free software.
However, only personal use (ie. not distributing anything you create with the aid of the PGMania software) is allowed without payment.
"Donationware" software require that, for a single-user ..