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M31, 10.2015, Flea3 bin1 L, Sigma70-300 f95/4, 48min(95x32sec) , SW Star adventurer

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Теги: astronomy, software, astro photo, images, viewing, calibrating, aligning, stacking, detecting, recognizing stars, histogram stretching, converting, movie from images, fwhm calculate, snr

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PGMania short description
/pterodactilus vulgaris/

Download PG Mania

PGMania - астро-фото/видео процессор.

Astronomy program for viewing, calibrating, aligning and stacking images. Usefull for deepspace and planetary image processing and exploring. Manual and auto images processing modes with wide set of techniques and algorithms.

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v1.114 Features

**** How it works ****
PGMania operates on base of multithreaded, asincronous, parallel and distributed processing.
You can start so many instances of PGMania at one time how many your processor have cores and how hard it may works.
We recommend to use maximum amount of operative memory.Also sometimes PGMania uses web based services for processing.
So you should have alive Internet connection

**** Image and video processing ****
Processing images with 8/16/32 bit depth
Supports any of known image file formats
Supports most of known DSLR image types (extensible list)
Converts image file formats / supports batch image converting
Creates movies from image series / concatenates videos
Reconstructs broken numeration in image sequences
Creates 16bpp gray/color AVI(etc.)

**** Aligning, calibrating, stacking ****
Patented calibrating algorithm* based on using lights images only
Traditional calibrating algorithm using darks and flats images
Aligning, fitting and calibrating* images using rotations and direct displacements / manual/auto in a several modes and orders
Customizable variable pitch for moving and rotation images when manually combining images
Aligning, fitting and calibrating* image series via reference points
Substracting darks and flats from images series
Filtering aligned source images by median filter before stacking
Stacking image series in a 3 modes with SNR optimisation/ auto in combine with wide list of various evaluation submodes
RGB combining from separate b/w channels
LRGB combining from luminocity channel and RGB images

**** Analisys and calculations ****
Detecting stars on deep sky images with dependence on adjustable histogram settings and detection limits settings
Calculating and showing histogram, coordinates, fwhm, snr, size, standart deviation and magnitudes for detected stars and average fwhm/snr for images
Generating stars list with direct link between stars on the image and stars in the list of detected stars.
Finding and recognizing stars on image series by reference points template defined on a master image
Automatically generating reference points on images for recognized stars
Generating star map with detected stars as separate image. Adding, removing and resizing stars on the map.
Layer with star markers and text labels stored in a separate files

**** Postprocess ****
One touch image settings for luminocity, background and contrast stretching, alive image histogram control
Showing histogram for selected stars
Creating adaptive negative mask from image with black level transparency (managed b/w inversion)
Flip/flop images on 180 dgr for vertical and horisontal axes
Direct displacements/rotation, histogram adjustments with direct saving results in WYSIWYG style
Creates screenshots with detected stars markers, stars statistics info and user defined text markers placed on the image

**** FTP client****
Working with images of user FTP servers and (IP) cameras (Web preview, upload to web site and download to local PC).
Automatic transfering images from FTP servers and their folders to the local PC folders.
You can register and connect any amount of cameras to watch, transfer and download images.
Web service for transfer, publicate and watch (IP) cameras images via web site is optional payent service available by separate request.
It is working via prozarium.ru web site only. See more http://prozarium.ru/TextDetails.aspx?TextID=2632

**** Logging ****
Export/import loging to XML file
Separated logs for each processed images folder
Logging each image processing settings, align/calibrate results and statistics for detected stars
Maintenance of operations list for each of processed image and logging operations workflow and results to txt file
Storing information about master images used while align/calibrate for each of processed image pair.

*) All you need is two images with star fields (lights). No need for dark & bias files for calibration and fit images. Available two calibration algorithms.
See more about PGMania original calibration technique here

See more about PGMania original calibration technique.

PGMania web site