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PGMania - all in one astrophotography package for processing deep sky images. It provides wide and unique functionality, a powerful and flexible tool with a clear and convenient interface for astrophotography image processing. The program is constantly evolving. Each new version adds new functionality that is relevant for astro photographers. Known bugs are quickly eliminated.
email: pgmania@yandex.ru
telegram: @EugeneTrifonov

Для добавления вашего собственного контента, а также для загрузки текстов целиком, загрузки текстов без разбиения на страницы, загрузки книг без разбиения на тексты, для работы с закладками необходима авторизация. Если вы зарегистрированы на сайте, введите свой логин и пароль. Если нет, пожалуйста, пройдите на регистрацию

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Purchase a license or make a donation
/pterodactilus vulgaris/

Trial period for demo version limited to 30 days.
For using PGMania after trial expired you should to register your PGMania instance.

PGMania distributes under 3 available licence types and variants:

Using on 1 PC.......................................from $30/2400rub
Using on 2 PC.......................................from $50/4000rub
Using on any PC amount.......................from $70/5600rub

If you buy a licence you'll be free to use program without any restrictions.
User Licence allow using PGMania on 1, 2 or any PC amount for 1 year limit of time or without time limits.
If you use this software for science, research or commercial purposes or more than on 2 PCs, you should buy commercial licence for use PGMania in any case.
Purchase may be done via PayPal or Visa/Master Card.

We also accept donations for the development of the PGMania project.
The donation value you choose as you wish and decide yourself how many it may costs for you and for how many PGMania can help to you.
To make a donation or to buy the license, please go to the Purchase PGMania page of this web site.
Also donation or license purchasing can be done via the direct link available in the PGMania program and at the sourceforge web site.

If you have questions before you buy a license, please send a request for details, prices and payment conditions via e-mail pgmania@yandex.ru

Before you paying for license you should register your instance of PGMania via the direct link in the program interface and send us the registration request via the embedded form.
The request include your personal data and registration key of PGMania instance.
This request sends to us automatically when you register your program.

Note! We accept payment only in rubles and only to the account indicated in the payment form on the Prozarium.ru website!

Note. To register you should have Internet been connected! To register and to activate PGMania you should choose the appropriate license type.
When you download PGMania from sourcefourge.net, you get the 30 days trial version with restrictions on amount of processing files at a time.
In order to get full functionality without restrictions you should register and activate your copy of PGMania. It is possible to do this online directly from the program interface.
You can download the latest version of PGMania program from the Sourceforge page. After the program became registered you should activate your instance of PGMania.

Once more about restrictions
For work without restrictions on a regular base you should buy the licence and pay for it.
The license price may depends on technical support and subscriptions for updates.
Science/commercial license allow unlimited using of PGMania for everyone included in the group of license owner with no limits for PC amount.
The list of PCs included in the license should be provided by licence owner to PGMania developer/owner before license purchasing.

Unauthorized use of PGMania is prohibited!

Description Cost per year Total cost
One year using on 1 PC $30/2400 rub -
One year using on 2 PC $50/4000 rub -
One year using on any PC amount $70/5600 rub -
Unlimited using on 1 PC - $100/8000 rub
Unlimited using on 2 PC - $150/12000 rub
Unlimited using on any PC amount - $200/16000 rub
One month using on 1 PC. Trial - -