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The Bat! Professional Edition 5.0.34The Bat! – общепризнанная система обработки электронных сообщений, которая прекрасно совмещает в себе все качества, необходимые опытному пользователю. Интуитивный интерфейс ..

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PGMania. Multi-purpose astro-photo image processor. Full processing cycle with new technology. PGMania distributed under "Donation ware" license.
email: pgmania@yandex.ru
web: PGMania page
PGMania at Sourceforge

Для добавления вашего собственного контента, а также для загрузки текстов целиком, загрузки текстов без разбиения на страницы, загрузки книг без разбиения на тексты, необходима авторизация. Если вы зарегистрированы на сайте, введите свой логин и пароль. Если нет, пожалуйста, пройдите регистрацию

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Registration & activation PGMania
/pterodactilus vulgaris/

As you can see a PGMania distributes under the "Donationware" licence. This software is free only for limited use.

If you use this software occasionally, for personal purposes you are free to donate for PGMania or to not donate.

If you use this software for personal purposes and publish your works, you should buy a full single user licence for use program without restrictions and limits and to publish results made with PGMania.

If you use this software for science, research or commercial purposes, you should buy a full commercial licence for use PGMania in any case.

Donation may be done via PayPal or Visa/Master Card. The donation value you choose as you wish and thinking how many it may costs.

To make a donation or to buy the license, please go to the Purchase PGMania page of this web site. Donation can be done via the direct link available also in the PGMania program and at the sourceforge web site.

If you have questions before you buy a license, please send a request for details, prices and payment conditions via email pgmania@yandex.ru

Before paying for license you should register your copy of PGMania via the direct link in the program interface and send us the registration request. The request should include your personal data and registration key of PGMania copy. This request sends to us automatically when you register your program.
Note. To register you should have the Internet connected!

When you download PGMania from sourcefourge.net, you get the trial version with restrictions on amount of processing files at a time. In order to get full functionality without restrictions you should register and activate your copy of PGMania. From version 1.102 it is possible to do this online directly from program interface.

You are free to download the last version of PGMania program from the Sourceforge page.

After the program became registered you should activate your registered copy of PGMania. Note, to register and activate PGMania you should choose the license type.

There are 3 available license types:


In order to work with registered and activated copy of PGMania with donation license you are free to make a donation for PGMania developer. It is not nessesary but very appreciated.

For home use witout publications of PGMania processing results the donation license is enough.
Caution! In that case you should't publish or distribute any files or screenshots maked via PGMania. Donation license should't be used for this purposes!

For private or public use PGMania on regular or professional base and for publishing results maked with PGMania you should buy the full licence and pay for it.

The license price starts from $99 for a single/private use and from $499 for science/commercial use, and depends on technical support and subscriptions for updates. For details see the license agreement.

Single/private license provides personal or private using of PGMania on up to 2 PC maximum.

Science/commercial license allow unlimited using of PGMania for everyone included in the group of license owner with no limits for PC amount. The list of PCs included in the license should be provided by licence owner to PGMania developer/owner.

Unauthorized use of PGMania is prohibited.