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M31 туманность Андромеды

M31 туманность Андромеды

Sigma70-300, Color Nikon D5100, f300/16, 29x180s & L Flea 3, 95x32s, f95/4

Для добавления вашего собственного контента, а также для загрузки текстов целиком, загрузки текстов без разбиения на страницы, загрузки книг без разбиения на тексты, необходима авторизация. Если вы зарегистрированы на сайте, введите свой логин и пароль. Если нет, пожалуйста, пройдите регистрацию

Опубликовано в: Блог: PGMania


/pterodactilus vulgaris/

Processing with 8/16/32 bit depth images
Supports any of known image file formats
Supports most of known DSLR image types.
Converts image file formats
Batch image converting
Creates movies from image series
Concatenates videos
Reconstructs numeration in image sequences
Makes 16bpp gray/color AVI(etc.)
Align & composite image pairs / manual
Align & calibrate image pairs / manual *
Align and fit images using rotations and direct displacements / auto *
Align and calibrate image pairs with autodetect / auto *
Align and calibrate image series with autodetect in several modes and operation order *
Align and calibrate image series via reference points
Substracts dark and flat from images series
Detects stars with coordinates, brightness and more
Stacking image series in 3 modes with SNR optimisation/ auto
Image luminocity, background and contrast stretching, alive histogram control
Creates adaptive negative mask from image with black level transparency
Flip/flop images, direct displacements/rotation, histogram adjustments and direct saving of results
Separated logs for each images folder
Logging image adjust settings - export/import to XML
Logging image processing settings, align/calibrate results and statistics for detected stars - export/import to XML
Logging operations workflow and results to txt file
Detecting and finding stars on any deep sky image, work with detected stars list
Direct link between stars on the image and stars in list. Getting the stars parameters by selecting star at image or in the list
Calculates fwhm, snr and magnitudes for detected stars and average fwhm/snr for images
Generates star map with detected stars on image
Creates screenshots with detected stars markers, stars statistics info and user defined text markers placed on the image
Shows alive histogram, fwhm, snr, mean, size and standart deviation for any of detected star.
Maintenance of operations list with each of processed image files
Storing information about master images used while align/calibrate the image pair.

*) All you need is two images with star fields (lights). No need for dark & bias files for calibration and fit images. Available two calibration algorithms.
See more about PGMania original calibration technique here