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Аристотель, Евдокс и Кавказ 25.08.2013

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Download PGMania PGMania provides wide and unique functionality, a powerful and flexible tool with a clear and convenient interface for astrophotography image processing. The program is constantly evolving. Each new version adds new ..
email: pgmania@yandex.ru
telegram: @EugeneTrifonov

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/pterodactilus vulgaris/

PGMania. Astrophotography image and video processor.

PGMania provides wide and unique functionality, a powerful and flexible tool with a clear and convenient interface for astrophotography image processing.
The program is constantly evolving. Each new version adds new functionality that is relevant for astro photographers. Known bugs are quickly eliminated.
This software is completely unique and uses only own algorithms for processing astronomical images. PGMania is made by one person, on own initiative and at own expense.
The program is self-written, without involving third-party developers.
Each release with new functionality has a increased version number. The prefix a,b,.. following the version number means the same version with known bugs fixing.


v. 1.130 - Improvements in star mask generation procedure. Added new options for setting mask color, blur radius and size of stars.

v. 1.129 - The stacking algorithms have been revised, new options have been added, incl. into the interface.
In particular, a processes visualization option has been added, which allows real-time on screen tracking of operations performed.
Also added option that sets the length of the series in cycle during serial stacking.
In subsequent cycles, the series add up to each other in new series, etc. See the help file for details.
Improved performance due to thread parallelization.

v. 1.128 - Added synchronization of XML logs and conflicts resolving in XML logs when working with image folders in different sessions and on different PCs. The overall reliability of storage and transmission of processing results has been increased.
Known bugs fixed, overall performance improved due to refactoring, parallelizm in routine operations, freeing of unused memory resources. Increased stability of the program working and processing speed. Resource requirements consumed by the program have been reduced.

v. 1.127 - Added images debayer matrix binding to settings store and saving in xml . Code optimization, performance improvements.

v. 1.126 - Added the "Update offset for related images" option. This option updates the adjusted offsets for all related files.
Added the "Actualize offset" option. This option moves and rotates adjusted image to previosly calculated while aligning virtual offsets .
For details see the description in Help file.

v. 1.125 - Added debayering "On the fly". Used for previewing color raw images without saving debayered images on disk. Option enables by the checkbox on the left panel.
Also added to the files menu options for enhancement, noise reduction and sharpening. They creates a new files for as usual.

v. 1.124 - Added convertion monochrome raw images to RGB color image with various scenarios and for any color camera matrix (27 types).
Added splitting color RGB images into separate monochrome images with color channels.
Together with the previously added operation of creating a combined color image from separate color channels, these operations complete the cycle of creating operations for working with color images.

v. 1.123 - Bug fixing, changes in licensing and pricing policy.

v. 1.122 - Added operation for prepare images to create mozaic (panorama). First you should align source images and get offsets over master image. Then do "Mozaic prepare" operation over aligned images. This will create a new images with equal enlarged size bounds common for all images. Source images shifts inside this bounds with previously calculated offsets so that no one of them do not cross the new bounds. After this you are able to stack prepared images and get the final mozaic (panorama) summ image.

v. 1.121 - The application layout has been redesigned, the working area of the image has been expanded, the controls and settings have been optimized.
Fixed bugs in working with XML files while changing working folder, eliminated cases of incorrect offsets calculation for some images.
Today PGMania carries out 100% automated aligning with 100% high-quality results. A pixel-by-pixel accuracy of combining images in all modes is achieved.
Thanks for all PGMania users for patience and expectation. It was not an easy task, but now it is done!

v. 1.120 - Remastered manual operations for correction of automatically calculated offsets for more accurate aligning of images. The correction is stored and displays separately from the offsets and summed with them during the “Apply offset correction” operation. Total offsets will still stored in aligned images for subsequent pairwise calibration operations. For details see the help section about offsets.

v. 1.119 - Added batch image processing has been added to reflect images vertically, horizontally, to rotate 180 degrees, to actualize virtual offsets and use the histogram settings, to normalize the histogram and to invert to negative. All of this now working for any selected images.
- The image alignment algorithm based on the use of homography relationships between images has been fixed and revised.
- Added normalization option for align operations that use star detection. Increased productivity and reliability of alignment results using homography. Known bugs were fixed.

v. 1.118 - Completely redesigned alignment algorithms. A new basic algorithm for determining stars and offset calculations based on original authoring algorithms has been added.
New functions for offset correction and offset transfer between operations are added, the default color scheme setting at the first start and some new functions in the interface are added.
Significantly increased the overall reliability of automatic recognition and calibration of images (close to 100%), also increased the overall speed of the application and fixed known bugs.
Added a mechanism for tracking the release of new versions.

v. 1.117 - Added new operation for calibrate previously aligned images. Now you can carefully align series of images, either via ref points or via auto detecting algorithm, then if needed, correct images aligning across common master image and then calibrate aligned images in pairs, as usual.
See screenshot https://yadi.sk/a/Le5L3bv73VQE3f/5dd3f474e1dfec04e2cd266c and video tutorial https://youtu.be/WvDNM1syRyE
This work only if all operations are maked inside PGMania, because image offsets are stored in inner XML and are used while calibrating.
- The operations menu is rearranged and streamlined to make it easier to navigate align and calibrate operations.

v. 1.116 - Added ability for choosing 3 available modes of working area size for detecting stars - 100%, 50% and 25% from image size. This is usefull for increase detecting speed on large images with great amount of stars.
Look at screenshot here https://yadi.sk/i/OnohBa8_TgIIZQ
- Added simple one touch actions like colors inverting and histogram normalizing.

v. 1.115 - Added wide set of functionality for color processing with choosing transparency, color space, color type, compression and alpha settings.
Added simple one touch actions like colors inverting and histogram normalizing.
Simplified, improved and rewritten algorithms for image calibration with substructing dark and flat images.
Now calibration results can get on the fly when dark and flat images are defined.

v. 1.114 - Added generation and editing of the star mask. Auto-defined stars can add, delete and resize them.
The star mask is generated on the base of the marker layer as a transparent .png file with white circles of stars.
The mask can be used when adding a series of pictures, setting it as a master file. Histogram levels for the mask of stars are adjustable, as well as for all images.
The blending mode of the mask is selected from the list.
This allows frame-by-frame addition to take into account the mask, which can help in eliminating the swelling of stars in the amount.
The mask itself can be generated from any snapshot, for example, from the sum of a series by the median.
Improved algorithms for obtaining images from cameras in the FTP client.
Fixed noticed bugs, improved program interface.

v. 1.113 - Layer with star markers and text labels moved to a separate gif file.
Increased image rendering speed. Added ability to choose algoritm for offsets calculation while aligning - by rectangle contour and by its corners.
The algorithm for automatically searching reference points has been reworked and the visualization of results has been added.
The same visualization is also present when combining images.
The matches found are drawn with lines, which makes evaluation of the result easier and more visual.
The layer with image markers is rendered into separate files stored in the folder with the original images.
This has accelerated the visualization process and allows you to work with markers consistently and independently of the original images.
Marker files contain text, star markers, star statistics, control points, lines, etc., as image files.
Added the choice of the preferred algorithm for calculating offsets.
This calculation is based on contours and angles of quadrilaterals.
The algorithm for calculating offsets by contours is based on the OpenCV algorithm, which describes the outlines of the figure from the matches found.
The algorithm for calculating offsets for control points (the corners of the figure) is copyright.
It works more precisely and faster, and is preferred when aligning to reference points.
The choice of algorithm depends on the source material and preferences.

v. 1.112 - Added functionality of FTP client. This working with images of user FTP servers and (IP) cameras (Web preview, upload to web site and download to local PC). Automatic transfering images from FTP servers and their folders to the local PC folders and to website database. It is possible to register and connect any amount of cameras to watch, transfer and download images. Web service for transfer, publicate and watch (IP) cameras images via web site is optional payent service available by separate request. It is working via prozarium.ru web site only. You can watch and share images from allsky cameras, telescopes, secure, etc.
-Improvements and bugs fixing, as usual.

v. 1.111 - Added functionality to create a color image from separate b/w RGB channels. At input is used three channel R, G and B sums (in any format) and output result is a color image in .tiff. Mechanism is easy to use and convenient. The file of the desired channel is set via the menu in the file list, as the corresponding R, G, or B component, and at screen RGB combibed image is constructed in real time. Histogram settings of the of any channel can be changed at real time and see their resulting effect on the white balance and the final histogram of RGB composition. Alignment of separate channels can be done along the way. Saving the current RGB composition is done by selecting an item in the context menu on the picture, or by selecting the appropriate operation on the "Stack, postprocess" tab. More visual, simple and convenient mechanism simply does not exist.

v. 1.110 - Added ability to apply median filter to aligned source images before stacking them. It significally helps to clear the source files and summ from satellite tracks, cosmic rays, noise, etc. This realised as a separate operation.
-A Help file extended and reformatted:
-Added table of contents with links to appropriate sections.
-Added sections conserning working with detected stars, image and stars statistics, reference points, recognition of identical stars in a series of images and using it in images align operations.
-Added screenshots for most of help articles.

v. 1.109 - Finding and recognizing stars algorithm improved. Trial period for using demo version limited to 30 days.

v. 1.108 - Added finding and recognizing stars on selected images by using reference points defined on master image. Operation uses any template with 4 stars and finds it on other images. After recognize operation completed with success you can easilly align image to fit it with master image. Be sure this stars successfully detectes for all of destination images.

v. 1.107 - Added step for improved automation of images align by reference points. This includes auto detecting stars for any of selected images or for image series. Auto generating reference points for image series will coming soon too.
- Added manual defining of a new not autodetected stars for desired coordinates on image. Now it is possible to add a star and reference point for images with different or not equal arrays of autodetected stars.
- Added image file renaming on the fly.
- Redesigned and improved UI.

v. 1.106 - Added substracting dark and flat images from image series. It is mostly nessesary for removing amplifier glow from lights. First you need to substract dark & flat from lights, then align and calibrate image pairs without dark and flat.

v. 1.105 - Critical bugs were fixed.

v. 1.104 -Added support for IP cameras file name format with a time stamp in the file name. First you need to create sequence for this files which does their renaming adding to file name the prefics with digital counter.
Then make avi as usual using ffpmpeg (Create AVI PGMania operation). For frames with JPEG format is used libx264 codec as default.
- Some bugs were fixed.

v. 1.103 -The program has been translated on new base libraries versions of OpenCV and ImageMagick. This allowed to apply new more effective mechanisms of image recognition and construction.
- Added a new alignment mechanism based on using generated stars map in the image. The number of detected stars is determined by the user itself. Star map may be saved as separate file.
- Improved UI and fixed known bugs including those affecting on aligning and calibrating a series of images.
- Added A New Alignment Mechanism Based On Using Generated Stars Map In The Image. The Number Of Detected Stars Is Determined By The User Itself. Star Map May Be Saved As Separate File.
- Improved UI And Fixed Known Bugs Including Those Affecting On Aligning And Calibrating A Series Of Images.

v. 1.102 -Online Registration And Activation Of Pgmania Is Now Available! Use Direct Link In Programm For This.
- Adding Support For Most Of Known DSLR Image Types.
- Improved Functionality And Speeds, Redisigned Interface.
- Known Bugs Fixed And Code Refactoring Was Done.

v. 1.101 -Added Reducing Image Size Alghrithm For Better Recognition Functionality While Aligning Image Pairs.
- Added Max Offset Limits For Image Displacement And Rotation While Auto Aligning Images Pairs. Limits Can Be Set For Each Image Or For Whole Folder.
- Added More Flexible Analisys For Estimate Aligning Results. Only Well Aligned And Fitted Images Are Allowed To Calibration And Stacking.

v. 1.100 -Added Resizing Images For A New Size In Pixels Or To Percentage Of Original Image Size.

v. 1.099 -Added More Automation To Aling And Calibration Processes, Improve Performance And Usability.
- Added Maintenance Of Operations List With Image Files And Information Storing About Master Images Used While Processing The Image Pair. It Is Easy To See And Restore Processing History.
-'Serial' Stack And 'In Pairs' Stack Algorithms Now Uses SNR Analizes For Optimal Stacking And Use Images Sorting Based On SNR Values While Stacking To Optimise The Final Resu lt.
- Known Bugs Fixed And Code Refactoring Was Done.

v. 1.098 -Added One More Algorithm For Calibration - 'Selective'. It Uses Both 'And' Algorithm And 'Or' Algorithms For Each Calibrating Images Pair, Analizing The Resulting Images For Ghosts, Fwhm And SNR, And Taking The Best Resulting Images Pair - One Calibrated Image From 'And' Algorithm And Another Calibrated Image From 'Or' Algorithm).

v. 1.097 -Added One More Algorithm For Align And Calibrate Image Series Via Setting Reference Points In Images.
- Detecting Algorithms Improved Functionality And Speeds. Also Increased Its Recognition Reliability.
- Added Fixing Histogram Settings For All Folder Images. Each Image Stores Its Own Settings Which Can Be Switched Or Replace By The Common Folder Settings.

v. 1.096 -Added Ability For Dragging Image Inside Window For Viewing In Full Size Mode And Zoom Mode.
- Added Image Contrast Tuning And Ability To Create Image Mask Via Setting Transparency For Black.
- Fixed Known Bugs, Been Improved Processes For Work With Detected Stars And More.

v. 1.095 -Added Calculating Of Fwhm, Snr And Star Magnitudes For Detected Stars And Average Fwhm/Snr For Whole Images.
- Added Fields For Image Resolution And Pixel Size. This Settings Used In This Calculations.
- Added Ability To Set Desired Magnitude For Any Reference Star And Recalculate Stars Statistics.
- Added Ability To Flip Images Horisontally Or Vertically.
- Added Showing A Histogram For Any Of Selected Star From Detected Stars List Or For A Star Selected At Image.

v. 1.094 -Added Stars Detection For Any Deep Sky Image. Added Ability To Composite Original Image With A Star Map.
- Added List With Detected Stars And Ability To Mark A Star From A List On The Star Map. Also It Is Possible To Find A Star In List By Click It Directly On The Image.
- XML Log File Now Created For Every Folder You Work With. Log Contains Description For Last Operationwith Image, Used Master Image, Operation Results, Image Offsets And Detected Stars List.
- Added Ability To Add Any Text Markers To The Image With A Font Size You Like.
- Added Easy To Use Direct Saving Of Original Image With Applying Its Histogram Adjustments And Align Movements To A New File With A Similar Name.
- Added Ability To Make A Full Frame Screenshot With Detected Stars And User Text Markersplaced On The Image.

v. 1.093 -Added Export To XML And Restore From XML Image/Histogram Settings And Results/Operation Settings For Align/Calibrate Operations.

v. 1.090 -Added Stacking Image Series In Several Modes, Such As Serial Stacking, Stacking In Pairs And IM Evaluate Algorithms. All Methods uses Filtering And Histogram Correction Of intermediate stacking stages.
- Added Post Processing Images Using Alive Histogram Control For Image Contrast Stretching.

v. 1.089 -Added Processing For Auto Align And Calibrate Image Series In Several Modes. Added Operations Logging. Added Statistics With Cordinates And Brightnes For Detected Stars.

v. 1.088 -Added Some Changes To Interface And Usability. Perfomans For Auto Aligning And Calibration Was Enhanced. Fixed Bug With Fitting Some Image Formats While Auto Aligning And/Or Calibrating Images(16Bpp Fits, Pgm, Etc.)..

v. 1.087 -Added Auto Align, Fit And Calibrate Images Using Rotations And Direct Displacements.

v. 1.086 -Added One More Image Calibration Algorithm.

v. 1.084 -Added Functionality For Auto Align And Calibrate Images (W/0 Rotations).

v. 1.081 -Added Functionality To Create Composite Of Manually Aligned Images.

v. 1.080 -Added Functionality For Manual Calibrating Of 2 Close Images By Pairs. Calibration Removes Dust, Noise And Hot Pixels From Both Of Images. No Need For Dark, Flat Or Bias Files More. Enjoy It.

v. 1.070 -Added Functionality For Manuall Align'g Images Using The Master image. The Image May Be Moved And/Or Rotated Concerning Reference Image.

v. 1.061 -Added Ability For Single/Multi Image Conversion From One Image Format To Another. Algorithms For Image Sequence Constructing Were Optimised And Speeded.

v. 1.06 - Added Functionality For Converting Image Files From One Format To Another. Supports Batch Converting Operations For Image Sequence. Image Formats Can Be Any Of Well Known, For Example: .Pgm, .Fits, .Tiff, .Jpeg, .Gif, .Psd, Etc.

v.1.04 -Added Support For Rawvideo, Which Makes It Possible To Obtain AVI To Rawvideo Format Directly From The Photo Series, Suitable For Direct Work With Programs Such As Autostakkert And So Forth. Thus Eliminating The Need For Intermediate Conversion 16 Bit AVI To SER. However, For Raw Video Frame Written In 16Bpp Format Y800, Or As RGB555, And That Formats With 8 Bits, Making Raw Video Format Is Of Little Use If The Source Code Of 16 Bits.